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Swimming pool ownership is an almost vital part of living in Las Vegas! We have some of the hottest summers in the nation! But owning a swimming pool, as many of you have experienced, can be a costly venture. Often times, the costs can be minimized by preempting problems. This can be with filter cartridges, salt cells, pool plaster and pool tile. We would be honored to help out with your pool maintenance. Let us take the headache out of owning a pool so you can worry about the important things in life!  We have a couple of options for pool service:  The first and most popular is our full service plan.  With this pool service, we come out once a week and test the water, add the appropriate chemicals, brush the tile, stairs and walls, net any visual debris, vacuum the pool as needed, empty the skimmer basket and the pump basket, as well as check all the equipment to ensure it is functioning properly.  The second option for pool service is our chemical service plan.  With this service, we also come out once a week & test the water, add the appropriate chemicals, empty the skimmer and pump baskets, as well as check the equipment and notify the customer if there is anything in question with the swimming pool or the equipment.  There are hundreds of swimming pool service companies here in Las Vegas. The challenge is trying to find someone who you can trust.  Many of the companies you encounter are guys doing this part time for some extra party money for the weekend.  Or you end up hiring a company that is run by someone that has had little to no experience in servicing pools, diagnosing problems and keeping your pool free from problems, algae and costly repairs.  We at Las Vegas Pool Service, have been doing pool service for nearly 20 years. And with this experience, we bring the ability to keep your pool in perfect functioning order and free from problems.  Let us know if you are interested and we can come out and offer a free estimate and see if we can help you out with your pool.

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