Pool Tile Cleaning 

Our water here in Clark County is very hard and is high in dissolved solids. And as water evaporates from our pool, only pure h2o escapes, the rest of the minerals and solids stay in the pool. And what do we do? We continually add new water to the pool to maintain the pool water level. This only increases the solids and minerals in your pool. Because of this, you will rather quickly notice the ugly white line forming on the water line on the tile, rocks and spill-over from the spa to the pool.  We can make the pool tile look like new again with a process often times referred to as bead-blasting.  We use glass bead that is actually micro-beads of real glass.  What this media will do is remove the ugly calcium line from the pool, without harming the tile surface.  This process certainly involves experience and finesse to avoid damaging the tile, but we utilize the proper equipment coupled with 15 years of tile cleaning experience to ensure your satisfaction! And, yes, you definitely need to drain the pool completely to clean the tile. The whole reason you are getting the buildup is because the total dissolved solids and total hardness of you water has reached a point of saturation. At this point, it begins rapidly to adhere not only to you pool tile, but also to your plaster. So the concept of cleaning your pool tile while leaving the pool water in the pool sounds good, it is counterproductive. And the buildup will rapidly return without replacing the old pool water with new water. Give us a call or shoot us a text or an email and we can schedule a free estimate for you!  

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