We have been helping home owners in the Las Vegas Nevada valley with their swimming pools for over 15 years. We bring along a team of professional swimming pool technicians and a plethora of information, skills and knowledge that has saved many people in various difficult situations with their pools and we would love to help you out with your pool if you need.
Yet again we are nearing winter time in the Las Vegas area and some wonder what to do with their pool to prepare for the few cold months we experience here every year. First of all, this is an excellent time for you to do some of the work on your swimming pool you've been putting off for quite some time. When we drain a pool in Las Vegas in the summer time, we run the risk of the plaster cracking if we don't quickly perform the maintenance or work that is needed. This time of year, however, is a great time to do that work because the plaster is much safer with the pool remaining empty for a period of time and will have a much less likelihood of the plaster cracking. We can help out if you are in need of tile cleaning or maybe your pool is really stained and in need of an acid wash. We can also help you with any issues you may be having with your equipment. We'd be happy to have a look at anything in question and give you a free estimate to fix it. 
One other important thing to consider this time of year is to change your pool's hours of operation. The filter pump needs to be run at night now due to the possibility of freezing temperatures. If it happens to freeze at night and your pool filter pump is not running, you are at risk of the plumbing freezing. This could be an expensive fix and cause ongoing problems from there. So we recommend running the filter pump from around midnight to at least 6:00 a.m. in order to minimize the chance of things breaking in the freezing weather. An even better schedule to run the filter pump would be from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  This operating schedule will protect you more from the cold weather and the possibility of it breaking any of your pool equipment. The damage will not only wreak havoc on plumbing, but can even freeze the internals of the filter pump and potentially crack the seal plate, impeller or pump housing. Give us a call if you need any assistance in making the changes to your pool timer for the winter months.