So with summer right around the corner, we are very busy helping people get their pools clean and clear!  This week I had several acid washes and bead blasts.   Typically we start by dropping a pump the day prior to a pool clean-up to empty the pool.  Then, the following day we come and sandblast the pool tile with glass bead.  This makes the tile look amazingly clean, bright and new again.  Once we complete this process, there is a lot of glass bead in and around the pool.  We clean-up the bead and then we start with the acid wash.  This takes all of the stains, algae and discolor out of the plaster.  Often times, if the pool was left untreated for a long time, there is a substantial amount of algae on the walls.  In these situations, we do a chlorine bath or wash first to kill all of the algae.  Then we rinse all of the dead algae and chlorine out and acid wash the pool to remove staining.  We at this point start filling the swimming pool.  When it is full of water, we come back out and start-up the pool.  We add chlorine, conditioner, etc. and start pump and make sure everything is operating properly.