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Pool Service in Las Vegas during the off season

Posted by Dane Wicker on Saturday, December 5, 2015, In : Pool Maintenance 
Many wonder if they need swimming pool service in Las Vegas in the off season. As it cools, pool chemical consumption does go down, but what doesn't go away, is the need to keep the pool clean. With the winter season, comes Las Vegas wind and when this is combined with all of our trees dropping leaves like crazy it makes for a difficult situation. The pool fills up with leaves and debris as fast as we can get it out. This debris needs to be removed from the pool because first, it will stain t...
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Summer is Winding Down What do I do with my Swimming Pool?

Posted by Dane Wicker on Wednesday, September 9, 2015,
The biggest misconception in owning a swimming pool in Las Vegas is the idea that once summer is over, the maintenance of the pool can be paused or even completely stopped. This is simply not true! Once the weather changes and our daytime highs aren't in the 100's any more, our work isn't over. Leaves, dirt and debris continue to fall into the pool and if left, will stain the plaster. Also, our filter pumps continue to work and collect dirt and small debris and will also need to continue nee...
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