Many wonder if they need swimming pool service in Las Vegas in the off season. As it cools, pool chemical consumption does go down, but what doesn't go away, is the need to keep the pool clean. With the winter season, comes Las Vegas wind and when this is combined with all of our trees dropping leaves like crazy it makes for a difficult situation. The pool fills up with leaves and debris as fast as we can get it out. This debris needs to be removed from the pool because first, it will stain the plaster. Second, is it clogs up the main drain as well as the skimmer baskets. It also often times clogs up the pool vacuum or sweep, depending on what set-up you may have. Often what I find as I am servicing pools this time of year as well is pump baskets and skimmer baskets that get so full of leaves, they break and the large leaves and debris goes directly into the filter. This creates premature wear on the filter cartridges. When the pump basket breaks, we also find the impeller completely full of leaves and barely even priming. This also is hard on the motor and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the filter pump. If you have any questions or need any sort of help with your pool during the cold season, feel free to give us a call and we will do anything we can to help out.