Hard to believe, yet one more year has not only slipped by, but the next one is well on it's way! So we at Las Vegas Pool Service (ServicePro is our operating name) have lined things up so you don't have to on getting your pool ready for the upcoming warm weather. My 2 favorite seasons here in Las Vegas are spring and fall. The unfortunate part is, it truly seems that each is only about 2 or 3 weeks long! So with that in mind, it is time to get going on your pool! So weather or not you need some help or not, it is vital that you get started now. So the first thing to do is grab a small sample of water from your pool (Leslie's even provides free container specifically for this) and head down to the local pool supply house and have your swimming pool water tested. The main thing we are looking for here is cyanuric acid (stabilizer) levels. Ideal levels being 30-50 ppm or parts per million. If you are above 100 ppm then it is definitely time to change out your water. Cyanuric acid is what helps your chlorine to not dissipate as quickly due to sun exposure than without it. The other thing you will test for is total water hardness and total dissolved solids. And if the water is more than 2 or 3 years old, it will most likely be time to switch it out. If you don't change out the water every couple of years, the water that is already very hard out of the faucet becomes many times worse. And with this, there is more staining on the pool plaster and much more ugly white buildup on the tile and spillover from spa to pool. 

So once you get your water squared away, you'll want to clean out your filter cartridges so water filtration is at it's best as we make the transition from cold to hot weather again. Because often times, spring is actually a harder time to prevent algae than in the dead of summer. This is due to the fact that the sun is farther South during the spring and so there is more shading in the South side of the pool walls. So the additional shade coupled with water temps that are high enough to grow algae, makes your pool wall the perfect petri dish! So we really need your system running at it's optimal levels in the spring months. If you need new cartridges, get some prices and then give me a call or shoot me a text and I will see if I can save you some money. Typically, I can save you a substantial amount.

From there, make sure and vacuum the pool weekly so the dirt and debris doesn't sit for long periods of time. This is because our dirt is full of all kinds of spores that are dry and dormant just waiting to fall into your water and sprout! Also, leaves and weeds that blow into the pool often times have spores all over them as well. Make sure and brush your pool walls as well when performing your cleaning day. And even though it seems like there's nothing on the walls, sometimes there is algae in the very initial stages of development and is nearly invisible. So if you continue to brush it off, the algae doesn't become a huge problem that ends up getting out of control and taking over the entire pool.

From there, just clean out your skimmer and pump baskets often to help with optimal water flow and efficiency. And if you get in over your head or just simply don't have the time or patience to deal with the swimming pool maintenance for yet another brutal summer, let us come out and have a look for free and see if we can help out. We also can replace and repair your pool equipment including the filter pump and filtration system itself. Good luck with everything and let me know if we can help out!