The first thing we do when we provide weekly pool service in Las Vegas is test the water.  This test will show us total chlorine and free chlorine levels.  It also shows us total alkalinity levels as well as pH of the pool water.  From there, we add the appropriate chemicals which include, depending on the condition of the pool, chlorine shock, chlorine tablets, acid to bring pH down (in a lot of cases) and sometimes algaecide if there are any algae spots located within the pool.  From there, we net any of the large debris from the pool, brush the steps, walls, tile and then vacuum the pool.  We then empty the skimmer basket of whatever it may have removed from the pool during the week (leaves, small debris).  We then empty the pump basket that is located at the pool pump.  While we empty the pump basket, we check the filter, pump and plumbing out for any leaks or potential problems.  This process we go through weekly isn't extremely difficult, however the challenge most people face is they don't have time with work, kids, etc. to care for the pool the way it necessitates, especially during the hot months, where algae can appear in a few short days without proper pool care.