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Hello and let me introduce myself... My name is Derrick Ward and I have been providing    pool service in Las Vegas for over 17 years now.    You found US here today on lasvegaspoolservice.US. 

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This name is only to make it easier to find us online.  We actually do business under the name of ServicePro.  I want you to know as you consider hiring us to help you maintain your pool, that we take pride in our pool service and will treat your pool as if it were our own.   We are so confident you will be happy with our professional pool service, below we have included the names of several current customers that are very satisfied with our services.  Feel free to contact them to verify what we say is true!  The most important thing in pool ownership is enjoying your investment, that's it!  Having a pool shouldn't be work!  It needs to be something that you can enjoy without any worries or concerns.  We at lasvegaspoolservice.US want you to choose us for your pool service and with that we assure you we will take the

headache out of having a pool and that's guaranteed!  If you are ever not satisfied with our services, simply let us know and we will refund that months fees no questions asked!  We don't have contracts and won't pressure you or try and upsell you on a bunch of unnecessary extras.  We bring a knowledge of pool service, water chemistry and repairs that will help you do the one thing that pool owners should do...ENJOY!  So thanks for stopping by and feel free to look around at what we offer and let us know if you have any questions!  Oh and of course, if you want an estimate, those are always FREE!  Simply send us a text, call us (702.701.3876) or shoot us an email (lasvegaspoolservice@ymail.com) & we will be happy to help you out with any pool needs or problems!  Not only do we offer weekly service, but we also sell all pool chemicals & supplies, clean & replace pool tile, acid wash pools, replace & repair equipment, install & repair pool solar systems.  We also do green pool clean-ups if your pool gets out of control or if you recently purchased a home with a pool that has been neglected.  We provide swimming pool service & pool chemical service in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Mountain's Edge, Henderson and anywhere in-between!  Please, click on one of the links below for further information regarding our services: 

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  WEEKLY SERVICE         TILE CLEANING           CHEMICALS              ACID WASH              SOLAR SYSTEMS

Please,  give us a call, send us a text or email for a free estimate!



Believe it or not, the daily high temperature here in Clark County is already high enough for your pool to start to develop algae! Let us come out and check out your pool and give you our suggestions as to what we can do to help get your swimming pool looking new again. Check out our blog here for the latest info and help in your Las Vegas pool service. What we are willing to do to try and help out is offer a free month of pool service! First of all, we don't have contracts so no need to worry about being locked down. We hate being forced into something just like you. In my opinion, if my pool service is so bad that I have to "legally bind" you to get you to keep me, then I am in the wrong business! If you don't want the headache of one more swim season of worrying about keeping the pool clean and free of algae, call us!  If your swimming pool is in need of a facelift, let us know!  We can get your tile clean and free of the unsightly calcium line.  We can also do an acid wash and make your plaster look like new.  Let us know how we can help!  We are experts in servicing swimming pools in Las Vegas and have been voted the number one pool service company in the Las Vegas valley 5 years in a row!  We can help!

Las Vegas Pool Service Guarantee

  We always back all of our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

We can provide references upon request

We have had many long term relationships with homeowners here in Las Vegas. Our business name that we use is ServicePro Pool Service. The name of the domain (www.LasVegasPoolService.US) is to make it easier to find us online. We would be happy to provide references upon request.  We are proud of the pool service and maintenance we have been providing for Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Southern Highlands residents for over 17 years. And we would be happy to let you talk to one or two of them to verify what we are saying is indeed true. We would be honored to help out with your pool as well.

 Check out our Blog for up to date help with Las Vegas Pool Service details:  

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Our recently published articles on the web about Pool Service in Las Vegas:

Saving Money on Pool Service in Las Vegas

One needs to really consider many factors when hiring someone to maintain their pool in Las Vegas. There are many pool service companies in Las Vegas, most of which will service pools in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Mountains Edge and Henderson. However, there are many Las Vegas pool service companies that seem to be the cheapest, but end up costing you more in the long run!

     There are several factors involved in choosing a pool service company in Las Vegas. The first of which is credibility. How long has your potential pool service guy been in business? Because of the simplicity and low cost involved in getting into the swimming pool service business, there are many guys out there that really don't have a clue how to maintain a swimming pool! So the first thing to consider when hiring someone to service your pool is how long have they been in business? The second thing to consider is how big is the pool service company? I know this sounds silly, but the fact of the matter is, the larger a pool maintenance company is, the more challenging it becomes for them to maintain quality control! The more guys they have out there servicing pools, the more likely it is they have people who don't have the experience necessary to keep your pool sparkly clear and free of algae and staining. The third thing to consider in hiring someone to maintain your pool and the most important thing in saving you money is the following: Is the price they quote you to maintain your pool include everything? Often times, the answer is no. They quote you a price to maintain your swimming pool on a weekly basis, but fail to give you the details. Many Las Vegas pool service companies charge one price for weekly pool service, but do not include chemicals in this price or phosphate remover, algaecide, etc. Some companies charge as much as $75 per filter cleaning and clean filters as much as 4 times a year. So that can increase the monthly charge as much as $25! This combined with a $15 - $20 charge every time they add phosphate-out or algaecide and this can make a big difference in what initially seemed like a cheap pool service!

     As one looks for a pool service company consider all facets and not just the upfront quote on weekly service, since the add-ons, upsells and extras may cost you more in the long run.  The other factor is how much experience the company has that will maintain your pool.  A swimming pool is too expensive of an investment to let someone maintain it that may not have adequate experience and knowledge.


The Basics of pool service:

We normally offer two types of weekly service for pools:  Chemical & Basket Service; this includes a weekly visit where we test the water, add the appropriate chemicals to get total chlorine, free chlorine, alkalinity and pH in perfect order, we then empty the pump basket, empty the skimmer basket, as well as inspect pool equipment to ensure everything's operating properly.  Our 2nd and more detailed service is full service.  This includes all of the above as well as skimming the top of the water, netting any large debris from the bottom of the pool, brushing the pool walls, steps and water line, vacuuming the bottom of the pool and then one last time around the pool with the net to get any possible remaining floating debris.  with the full service, you literally have not a single worry about your pool!  Just have fun with it and leave the DIRTY (yuck!) work to us!  ;) 

Pool Tile Cleaning

The water in Southern Nevada is extremely hard right from the faucet.  Once we add this water with already high total dissolved solids and total hardness to our swimming pools, very quickly these levels only go up!  Why you ask??  Well, we have our water in a contained environment where the only way for the existing water to escape is through evaporation.  So when our water evaporates, only pure h2O goes, leaving all of the dissolved minerals and solids in the pool.  From there, we add new tap water with more solids and more minerals and you start to see how the cycle continues.  As our total hardness and the total dissolved solids levels increase, we start to see an ugly calcium line on the pool tile.  When we have a spa or water feature that spills over into the pool, the calcium build-up looks even more unsightly!  We offer a service that will take care of both problems, both the water chemistry issue and the calcium line on the pool tile.  We provide a service called bead blasting.  We first come in and drain the pool.  From there, we utilize a product called glass bead to clean the calcium line from the tile without damaging it.  Once we finish cleaning off the unsightly calcium, we put a hose in and refill the pool.  Once full of water, we return to the home and perform a complete start-up where we add the appropriate chemicals and conditioners and get the pool pump and filter primed and running. If you have interest in getting a free estimate on tile cleaning or would like to receive more information on the whole process, please let us know.  Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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